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Hair Removal At Top Beauty Salon In Bathgate, West Lothian

Our hair removal specialists at Sanctum Studio in Bathgate can efficiently and effectively remove hair from your face and body using waxing and threading.  

We offer waxing for legs, arms, underarms, bikini line, as well as offering Brazilian and Hollywood waxing.  Waxing and threading services are available for hair removal from the chin, upper lip, full face and eyebrows.

Using Australian Bodycare products, we use individually wrapped wax dispensers.  Australian Bodycare products also contain 100% natural Tea Tree Oil that counteracts bacteria that cause red spots. This helps to reduce those annoying red spots, shaving rashes and ingrown hairs that can occur when you remove hairs. 

We advise our guests to let their hair grow for around three weeks for optimum waxing hair removal results.  Most people see minimal regrowth in around three weeks and return for repeat waxing treatments between four to six weeks after their initial treatment.

Please call your Sanctum Studio beauty specialist on 01506 357 831 book in for your hair removal treatment.

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Hair Removal Using Threading

threading hair removal, sanctum beauty salon, bathgate, west lothianThreading is an ancient hair removal technique which has been around for more than 6000 years, offering men and women a fast and precise way to remove unwanted hairs from the upper lip, chin and eyebrows.

Your beauty therapist will use a special cotton thread that is doubled, twisted and rolled to pluck multiple hairs out with precision at once.  

If opting for a brow re-shape, talk to your Sanctum beauty therapist about the shape you wish for your brows.  We are also experts in brow shaping so can recommend the perfect shape for your features. 

You will be left with a beautifully clean area which is completely free from even the finest hairs.