Aveda Massages At Sanctum Studio In Bathgate, West Lothian

As no two people are the same, we believe every spa treatment should be completely customised to your specific needs.

Whether you are feeling stressed, have low energy or are concerned about the signs of premature ageing, we offer help through the powerful combination of aroma and touch, leaving you with a profoundly increased sense of wellbeing as we rebalance the body.

Using natural Aveda essential oils and herbal ingredients of the highest integrity and ethically sourced, we can deliver a truly holistic spa experience.  Our spa therapists are highly skilled and will take the time to discuss your requirements before customising your treatment - whether you are here for an indulgent massage, relaxation or desire a maintenance treatment. 

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Rebalancing Massage

A customised massage using a variety of techniques and your chosen aroma, designed to rebalance you so you are left feeling energised and yet relaxed at the same time.  We recommend a course of three treatments for optimum results.

Stress-Fix Massage

Clinically proven to reduce stress , the Stress Fix aroma with lavender, lavandin, and clary sage is incorporated in your massage, using Swedish and deep tissue massage with foot reflexology and acupressure alongside guided meditation to calm and rejuvenate.

Upgrade Your Massage

You can upgrade your massage with one of our 15 minute add-on services.  These include:

Energising Eye Treatment:   Reduce the appearance of dark circles and puffiness to energise the look of skin around the eyes.
Youthful Radiance Eye Treatment:  Firm the look of the skin and minimise the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
Aromatic Scalp Massage:  Relaxing and energising techniques are combined with your chosen aroma to relieve scalp tension and condition your hair.

Book A Massage At Sanctum Studio In Bathgate, West Lothian

We offer the best Aveda massages at our beauty salon in Bathgate.  To book an appointment at Sanctum Studio, please call 01206 357 831.